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WMC PR is the right choice Selecting a public relations agency for your business is an important decision that requires considerable investigation. Based in Melbourne and servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, WMC PR has the experience, skills and enthusiasm to partner with your organisation.
stand out from the crowd Organisations want public relations for various reasons, but a common thread is that they want to stand out from their competitors, be seen as leaders within their industry, attract high calibre staff and be regarded as a successful, well run company. WMC PR can help you achieve this.
WMC PR delivers results The bottom line with any public relations campaign is obtaining results. What do you want to achieve with your PR program? WMC Public Relations works with its clients to decide on the measurable results that will determine the success of the PR program. Please call us today to discuss your PR needs.

Introduction to WMC Public Relations

In this brief video, Wendy McWilliams outlines how PR can help organisations grow their business and reputation to make them stand out from the crowd.

To view the launch of Wendy’s book, Brand Engagement, click here:

Welcome to WMC Public Relations Melbourne

Established in 1992, WMC Public Relations Melbourne is results driven, building your brand and your profile through innovative and creative PR and publicity programs, whether a long term or one-off project.

Typically, our PR clients are seeking a fresh, creative and dynamic approach to public relations and we deliver their message throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. If you are looking for a PR agency that delivers results, you need look no further.

Clients tend to be leaders in their field across diverse B2B and B2C industry segments and we're proud to have many long-term client partnerships. They have selected to work with WMC PR because of our personal and flexible service and results-driven communication programs.

If your company has overseas operations WMC Public Relations can assist with your international communication program through our global affiliate, the Convoy PR agency network, which was founded by UK-based PR agency, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry:

In addition to our Australian-based clients, we regularly assist overseas companies with their Australian public relations and publicity programs.

Our clients appreciate the trusted relationships we have with the media, which includes traditional print media, electronic media (TV, radio and Internet) and bloggers/influencers. We integrate social media into publicity programs to ensure maximum reach to all audiences.

Please take advantage of the blog on this website, which provides practical tips that can be applied in your business to increase the value of your brand.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding your PR requirements.

Latest PR Blog

When your news doesn’t become, well… news

If you have written a news release and sent it to everyone you can think of to get it published, and then it wasn’t, you need to PR news media bloganalyse what was wrong.

Maybe your news is newsworthy, but other factors contributed to it not getting the recognition you think it deserves.

There could be a number of reasons why it wasn’t picked up and most can be overcome. Let’s assume it was a well constructed press release written in third person with some good quotes, a good photo and a catchy heading.

Five reasons it didn’t get picked up as you’d hoped could be:

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